Scope Box not applying to each duplicated view as intended

I have searched for several days on the forum, and through google searches and have been able to piece together a functioning script for duplicating views and applying a scope box to each new view. However, I can’t figure out to get it to apply each scope box to the correct duplicated view. In my example, I have 2 scope boxes - Enlarged Plan 1 and Enlarged Plan 2. What I’m trying to do is duplicated my Floor Plan views, have them get renamed to include the Scope Box name at the end (my script does this), and apply the same scope box to the named duplicated view (so FLOOR PLAN becomes FLOOR PLAN - Enlarged Plan 1, and should have scope box applied with that same name, etc.) - however, it isn’t doing that. It’s applying a scope box, just not the one I’d like it to. I’m hoping someone can help point out what I might be missing or doing wrong in my script. I’m using Revit 2020 and have attached both my test Revit file and test Dynamo file for your reference - I’m using the archilab and clockwork packages.Duplicate Views - TEST - WORKS.dyn (20.3 KB) Duplicate Views - TEST.rvt (1.4 MB)

You need to isolate the scope boxes you want. Maybe use a ItemAtIndex then a List.Cycle or Repeated of node to repeat the proper scope box.

Thank you! I had tried using a Repeated node but was clearly not using it correctly because it never did anything. I’ll have to do some research on the ones you mentioned (still fairly new to Dynamo - just been learning things along the way) - because I’m not familiar with those or how to use them properly.

Thanks for your suggestions - I really appreciate your help! I did some more research on what you mentioned and finally figured out where to appropriately use those nodes - here is the finished script, that works exactly the way I wanted it to.

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