Duplicate Floor plans and apply scope box

Duplicate floor plans and assign scopebox.dyn (38.6 KB)
Hi I am trying to create a script which duplicates selected views and applies a selected scope box to it. The duplicate views are not getting created. What could be the issue?

Hi @abhijeetraje

Dropping dyn file will not help others who is trying to help you, unless you drop your revit file as well or else show full graph with all the previews and errors expanded.

Hi @Kulkul
You are right. But I am not getting any error. Attaching the revit file however.Project1.rvt (3.5 MB)

I have seen your graph you where feeding the wrong(string) inputs for view.duplicate node. I have adjust this way:

Your graph:

Here is the solution:


Hey Thanks. That worked. Also I was not giving option ( dependent etc.) . After adding option it worked.