ScheduleField.Name does not work on DYN 2.0.3

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Dynamo 2.0.3 and it seems like some nodes are not working properly on this version.
Previously, I created this script on Dynamo 1.3.4 and the node ScheduleField.Name worked fine for me. Now this error appears and I can’t figure it out how to solve it.

I’m looking for a way how to retrieve the schedule name. Any thoughts? Thanks.

By using the Element.Name node (Revit > Elements > Element) you should be able to have the name of the schedule

I’ll try your option.
Do you have an idea why ScheduleField.Name is not working on Dynamo 2.0.3? Just curious.

Reading at the error message it seems that the problem is about the type of input you are placing in the node.
This node is requiring for a scheduleField as input but you are providing a ScheduleSheetInstance (which is a different class in the API). To let you better understand, "ScheduleSheetInstance " is the schedule as it appear in the sheet and as you can also manually select.

Tell me if you’ll be able to solve.

The Element.Name node worked fine. Marked your post as a solution.
And thank you for the clarification! It is more clear now. Cheers!