Revit schedule, create sequence numbers using two parameters by order

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask your help with parameters. I am trying to to create sequence numbers of mechanical equipments. My goal is to devide mechanical equipments sequence number by groups I created (531, 562…“BIM7AATypenummer” ). So lets say group 531 starts from 001,002 etc. Group 562 starts 001 etc… (you can see on schedule picture I tried to draw what I want to achieve).

On the schedule picture you can see that,

  1. I’m trying to Get.Parameter.Value by Number.1 (in a circle) “Type” and create sequence
  2. I’m trying to Get.Parameter.Value by Number.2 (in a circle) “BIM7AAKode” and create sequence sorted for every 531,562 etc… , which I dont know where to place in the script.


I am not really sure what you are trying to do.

You have Mechanical Equipment Elements in you Document
Those ME Elements have a “Group Number” which is stored in the Parameter “BIM7AATypenummer”

And then you create a sequence? (We cannot see what you are doing in Dynamo, because the names of the Nodes are not visible…

Hi Joelmick,

I’m sorry I guess I did not see I took the screenshot wrong. I recently updated that. Thanks!

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Much better now!

So, you have different kind of Mechanical Equipements and you Group those by Their Types.
Next you want to number them, starting at 001 till 00X (X being the number of ME Elements in the Group). Do you mean something like that?
NumberGroups NumberGroups.dyn (24.0 KB)

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Hey Joelmick

Thank you so much for your help ! My apologize for my late respond.

I tried to follow your way, and I added List.Count Node, in order to control list numbering. But I miss one little puzzle. How could I filter or list it by last parameter called “BIM7AATypekode” which is a number (562, 572). So running number will starts from every “BIM7AATypekode” parameter. For instance 562 001, 572 001 etc… I can’t figure out where I should set this parameter by value in order to override sequence number created already by type, and then by “BIM7AATypekode”.

08 BIM7AA Typenr2.dyn (14.3 KB)

Hi @dsmith

Ah I think I see what you are doing:

  1. You collect all the Elements of the Category Mechanical Equipement
  2. You want to group them by BIM7AATypeKode? Is this an Instance Parameter or a Type Parameter?
  3. When grouped, you want to assign a value for BIM7AATypeNummer.

Is the format for the BIM7AATypeNummer as this: BIM7AATypeKode + BIMAA7TypeNummer (562 001)?

Is it possible for you to share the project files as well?

Hi Joeilmick

Thank you for your quick respond.

Yes exactly , so basicly all the Mechanical Equipments should be grouped by BIM7AATypeKode.

And logically, Type Name Parameter should be changed to BIM7AATypekode.

But then I get this kind of result. I loose the sequnce by Type Name. It exceeds only til number 2. And if you look in to List.Cound Node, thats where the block comes from.

All the parameters are “Type Parameters”. Personally I wouldn’t mind to share Revit file, but unfortunatelly I’m not allowered to do that due to companies restristions. I hope it will still possible to solve the situation this way.
Maybe a ss below could be useful somehow.

What do you mean with:

I assume that BIM7AAKodeType is a Type parameter and BIM7AATypeNummer is an Instance Parameter?

I’ll change my graph real quick

Okay so I edited my graph.

My step by step is now:

  1. Collect all the ME Elements in the Model
  2. Read of what their Type is
  3. Read out what BIM7AATypeKode is
  4. Group the ME Elements by the value for BIM7AATypeKode
  5. Count the number of items per group and format the number according BIM7AATypeKode + BIM7AATypeNummer = 562 001
  6. Set the Instance parameter BIM7AATypeNummer with this Text.

Study the graph and let me know if you have any questions

NumberGroups.dyn (29.5 KB)

both of them are Type Parameters

Wrong person.

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