Sequential type mark numbers for family types

Hi dynamo’s, I’m struggling to find a way to automate type mark numbers for multi-categories.
I have a FF&E schedule in Revit that exceeds a single sheet, so i’m hoping to find a smart way to split the schedule up into parts, ie - SCHEDULE 01-20, SCHEDULE 21-40, SCHEDULE 41-60.

Any suggestions would be fantastic :slight_smile: thanks everyone


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Hi m.rijsmus, that looks like it will do exactly what I’ve described - thanks so much! Will check first thing tomorrow :slight_smile:

Would you recommend setting this up to run periodically? or just leave it on manual?
And do you know of any other work around to split a schedule on multiple sheets?

Thanks again

there is no setting in dynamo to run “just in time” i guess :slight_smile:

if you copy the schedule and set a filter on it you don’t have to split it

Almost got it working, i think i know why its not working for me… My list.uniqueitems has the familytypes in the 2nd subcategory, where as yours has them in the first? how do i change this?

Or, it might be that my List.Count is different? I couldn’t find the block that you used… which had Int instead of Count… I’ve attached image below to show what i am referring to. Thanks again

In the blue circle you can see your list levels @L3 @L2 and @L1
If you click the > sign on the List.UniqueItems node you get the option to use those list levels by choice, basically you can get choose how deep you want to go in your list nestings.
List @ Level is all explained here

Your List.Count node may be different from mine because you are working in Dynamo 2.x and i am on 1.3.2

Gotcha, i think I’m almost there… The script has run successfully and populated numbers into Type Mark - is there a way to populate in the order they appear in the schedule? Ideally it will go TypeMark0001, TypeMark0002, etc - so i can split up the schedule to pages showing 10 items a page.

Thank you for all your help so far

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