Schedule Export only select columns to Excel

I’m exporting schedules to excel and would like to have control over what columns I export from the list say items 19 thru 30 on the list.

Material to Excel.dyn (7.6 KB)

You could connect your list to a List.GetItemAtIndex node and input “19..30” for index, or connect your list to a code block that says something like lists[19..30]; Then connect the outputs of either of those methods to the data port on the WriteExcel node.

@awilliams Thank you for the reply! The index is returning rows 21…31 of data. I’m trying to get the 21…31 column data.

You could put a List.Tranpose node before and after you get items 21-31, but I just had a look at your .dyn file and see you are using the bimorph node Schedule.GetData - just switch that node with the bimorph node Schedule.GetDataColumns and a List.Transpose node after it and it will have the same outcome :slight_smile:

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@awilliams That did the trick, Thanks for getting me back on track!