Export to Excel - Revit 2018.3 --> Revit 2022.1

Hey, I have a problem with exporting lists to Excel.
In Revit 2022.1 I have the bimorphnodes 4.2.1 package. The problem as in the attachment.

Previously this worked in version 3.0.3 in Revit 2018.3.
Do you know the solution for the latest version of this package?

Amigo @krzysztof.nowakFWCRN, fast try to fix it, try to fill all the inputs for the node, some times they has no default values, at first glance seem to require a boolean (True / False), hope that works!! :+1:

You are feeding a string (the view name I believe) to the Schedule.GetData node’s scheduleView input.

You need to provide a schedule view itself, not the name.

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