Customizing scale on a sheet with dynamo

Hi everyone,

My name is Nunggu Ahn, and I am new to dynamo.

I’ve been trying to customize the scale value on the sheets. (eg. 1:X = 1/X)

But I can’t get any result…

The image below is what I tried.

Please help me!

Hi, this could help you:

Actually I’ve tried all of them…

Thank you for the reply!

What do you need exactly? There are two questions that seems unclear here:

  • Setting viewports scale parameters (as seen on your graph)
  • customize the scale value on the sheets. (eg. 1:X = 1/X) => as an annotation?

I want to set the parameter value 1:100 to 1/100 so that the scale value on the sheets are changed.

In your sheet you can create a custom parameter and have that show instead of the the built in parameter. Get the scale from the built in parameter, change it to how you want it displayed and set your custom parameter to the scale.

The Display Name for Scale is not exposed in Revit API. It’s not possible to do what you want.

Oh I see

Thank you for making that clear!