Sheet "Scale"

Good morning everyone,

i’m sure it’s simple but here we go :slight_smile:

I have a list of Sheets and i would like to extract the “numerical scale value”. Scale being say 1:100 and numerical being 100.

Of course i can get the Scale no problem. but the “numerical scale” (which i can relate to the “View Scale 1:” parameter in a view list is what i’m after.

The API used VIEW_SCALE, can i use that in a Python node to retrieve the value

The sheet’s scale depends on the scale of the views on that sheet. So if you extract the views on the sheet, you can get their scale. It should work with the default Dynamo nodes, but if you want to see the python code, you could checkout Clockwork’s node:


The default Sheet.Views node seems to fail for structural views( like a lot of the nodes in Dynamo) so you might need to use something else for those.

Ok, i get the idea, any ways i can make that work for several sheets?

Also, what happens when i have more then 1 views on the sheet and they have a different scales? Revit will get me back the hard coded answer, As Indicated :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


I know this is a very old post but the answer to last question “what happens when there are more than 1 view on sheet” was not provided. Here is a solution for others if they come across this post (like I did) in search of the same thing:

This script also allows you to specify the default text if there is more than 1 view of a different scale on the same sheet (for example “AS SHOWN”)