Dimension.Value - Units?

I’m looking at interrogating projects dims but I’m struggling to understand what the Dimension.Value node is actually reporting.

I have a test project with 1 dimension in it which is exactly 7600.00mm long. When i stick it into the Dimension.Value node it retruns the following;

Units in the project are set to mm although changing ;this makes no difference to the value the node spits out…

I’m I just being thick here as to what it’s actually reporting?




The units displayed in your Dynamo version are feet.

1mm = 0,00328084 foot

You can use the node “Convert between units”.

This is already solved in latest versions. Multiply with 304.8 will get you 7600. Use codeblock and type “a × 304.8” inside.

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Thanks guys. Both solutions work nicely.

I’m seeing it in both 2.0.1 and 1.3.3…