Saving several copies of the same document with different names


SO i have to create several copys of the same family
I managed to create it’s paths but i don’t know how to save then
can anybody please help me?


Can you get a single one to work?


Hi @ramoon.bandeira,

Does it work if you replace the “*rfa” by “.rfa” ?

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Tryed that and it didn’t work.
Could you please give me a hint?


The input in your path takes ony the path!

eg. “C:\Users\Ramon\Desktop”

The family name is giving name to the family file, you cant control the outputname. Rename your families if you want other names!


How so?
I don’t get it
I created a folder on the desktop that will contain all the familys

I appreciate your help


like this…


Thank you for your help it will be really usefull. this answered another doubt that i had.
But i think i have not asked the right question. Sorry For that.
What i want to do is:

  1. Open a family in the family editor of revit
  2. Create a copy of it
  3. Save this copy with a new name

Sorry for the troubles…


The node I created is meant for capturing all the families in a project you need to reuse in other projects. So it cant be used for the individual family files as such.

Why dont you use renaming the family files (good old DOS command), that way will the “family” get a new name. The types in the family will however not be renamed. Using my node will neither rename the types in a family.


If it can be of some help, then try this tool for renaming files using some kind of rulebased renaming. I am using that tool when I have many files that needs to be renamed.


Hi @ramoon.bandeira,

I think the node “File.Copy” works the way you have in mind.

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What @MJB-online show would work, but why use dynamo for a batch job that other tools would do without opening Revit… it is just a simple DOS copy command that could be made by a .bat file :slight_smile:


could you please paste the DYN file?
Thank you


It is funny how it works even when the result of it is a series of null values


If gives null values, but the files are there.
Modified my workflow a little (there was a lot of garbage in it).

Copy_Rename v2.dyn (8.1 KB)

I hope it helps,

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just for the record, there is no need for list cycle :slight_smile: