Copy Revit-Families from path to path

Thanks in advance for every input!

Due to a Revit version change, it has come to the fact that not all of our existing families have been migrated to the current 2021 version.

The currently used families exist essentially in 2 separate folders with the same sub-folders. Folder 1: Revit-2017 families, folder 2: Revit-2021 families.

There are also duplicates of some families that exist in both version 2017 and version 2021, but have a different last modified date (we only want to keep the newest family).

I have now done the following:

I put together a VBA macro which write the family names + last modified date for each folder item into an excel. Another one reads the subfolder.

I have now imported this Excel into Dynamo so that I have received the following from each family:

  • Family name
  • current storage path
  • new storage path

Now I would like to create a folder via Dynamo or Python, which contains all families in the correct subfolder by making copies of the .rfa files.

In the meantime, are there any pre-made nodes that can copy families from path to path?

Dynamo and the Excel worked out for this in the attachment.
Dynamocode only works in combination with the excel sheet. Path information has to be changed.


Familien - Ă„nderungsstatusabfrage.xlsx (47.4 KB)

Hi @d.feyerer - Look at the FileSystem.CopyFile node :slight_smile: It will copy any file on disc, simply use in conjunction with all the other File System nodes!


Thanks for the input!

Have simulated it for a few test files and so far everything has worked.

Will now apply it to the families, should also work there without problems :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad to hear it :smiley: