Renaming Revit families inside family using dynamo

i am trying to make a small tool to help with naming the family in a correct way i already setup the naming system only i have a problem with getting the family renamed to the specified name, i think i am using the wrong node for this can anyone help me out?

Where does that “Rename Files” node come from? I have no idea what your inputs are, but it seems to rename files you would need something that specifies exactly which files you are trying to rename. (aside just from the fact one of the inputs of the node is not connected). Also, you seem to be feeding a single string as “_newNames”, and the name of the variable would indicate maybe it needs a list of strings? Finally- you are only using the “Document.Current” node to get the path, right? You are not trying to rename the open document?

Also, as suggested in this post- instead of renaming the files, you can copy your file to the same location with a new name, and then delete the originals:

This method works without any additional packages. (FileSystem.CopyFile and FileSystem.DeleteFile) Sure, it’s an additional step, but that’s what automation is for, right?

I think it is a springs or a SteamNodes node i am not to shore wich one bc the logo’s are the same of those 2.

Second yes i am trying to renome the current document (Revit family) i dont wanna do it outside of the family beacose it is a plugin for someone that is working on making family’s and not from inside of a project. The goal is to make it more ez and less of an hassle to name family’s the correct way

I doubt you can rename the current file while it is open in Dynamo- Windows won’t let you do that in general. If they are editing the family, you could just do a “Save As” for each new version.

yhea of course this tool is mostly used as u finish making the family, i will try the way u surgested with duplicating the current rvt family document renaming that and giving it a other place to store so u know what family’s are named correctly. i only need to find a node that duplicates the given document and renaming than

Just use a Document SaveAs node. By virtue of the fact you’re saving it you are duplicating it. Just specify the new/desired name within the filepath