Saving RFAs using DynamoAutomation

How would I used DynamoAutomation to automate a process on files and save the files as they’re processed? I’ve tried a CloseDocument node at the end of the graph (with Passthrough right before it to ensure it’s the last thing run). It works fine if I run it manually but not when its part of the Master/Slave Graph system. Is there something I’m missing?

@Greg_McDowell Assuming you have downloaded the (as yet unpublished) latest version of DynamoAutomation from GitHub, this is how your slave graph should end:

Alternatively, have a look at the slave graphs in the new Dynamo 1.x samples section:

If this setup doesn’t work for you, please file an issue on the DynamoAutomation GitHub site.
Note that DynamoAutomation will not work in Revit 2017 or later with the version that is currently available through the package manager. The fixed version will most likely be up on the PM next week, if I find the time to run tests for Revit 2018.


Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann. I finally got it working. Seems I had several version of DynamoAutomation and was updating the wrong one!

Great. New package version is on the PM now.

When I process a folder full of files it doesn’t run to completion. It gets stuck about 60 files in or so (total of 80 in the folder). To get it running on the remaining files I need to pull them out of the folder and restart the computer. Thoughts?

Please file an issue on GitHub and provide more details there: