Dynamo Automation batch procces doesn't close file

Hi there!
I recently discovered the DynamoAutomation Package from Andreas Dieckmann( andydandy74), and after some tweeking i manage to get scenario A1 running throug a folder of files.(Thank you so mucho for this, andy)
the one thing i cant figure out is how to close each revit file it processes. the script opens the revit file, runs the “slave” script and saves the file. In order to get it going, i have to manually close the revit app, and just then it continues to the next file.

i leave a picture of the settings of the master script. i would apreciate very much if someone can help me figure whats going on. Thank you

all very much.

Did you manage to solve this ?
I’m currently running with the same issue.

Yes, I’m currently using Revit Batch Processor to execute a .dyn file in multiple revit projects. U can check it out here :GitHub - bvn-architecture/RevitBatchProcessor: Fully automated batch processing of Revit files with your own Python or Dynamo task scripts!

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