SAT Import causes surface troubles

During Import of SAT model from dwg through Springnodes, the part of surfaces get’s lost in Revit. In the mean time in Dynamo al surfaces are available. I am already suffering.

Sat file and Screenshots located at:

Can anyone help me?

Thanks and Regards

That is not due to Dynamo or SpringNodes. Revit has a limitation on the smallest edge that a surface can have when the geometry is imported. Those missing faces probably have edges smaller than (if I remember correctly) 1/64" or 0.396875 mm.

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Dear Rafael,
thank you for your responce.
But the missing surfaces are larger than the limitation from your description.
That structure is a outlet of a huge turbine.
I have a doubts regarding the curved boundary of the Edge, but don’t know how to solve it.


To clarify:

The issue is not small surfaces, but small edges belonging to the surfaces.

Ist clear to me.
Interresting is, that really small edges are imported ordinary and larger edges not.

Thank you for your help.

I imported you SAT file into Revit manually (without Dynamo) and got the same result.

I also imported your solid into AutoCAD to take a look at it. The solid does not look very clean. You have some surfaces with edge imprints in the middle of the surface, and also coplanar surfaces that really should be one surface. I would clean up the model first before trying to import it into Revit, since Revit is really picky and expects very clean models. This is because Revit creates automatic constraints when importing geometry, so anything that is not clean is discarded so that the parametric constraint engine does not become unstable.

Here is what I saw in AutoCAD:

Dear Rafael,

many thanks for your effort.
We also tried to cleanup the file, so now we process it through Netfabb.
I will let you know.

Best Regards