Sat Geometry import creates transparent and faulty Faces

Hello Guys,

we are importing our existing sat Geometry for a while now with Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry - this works fine for 95% of all the Geometries.
In the rest of the 5% there are invisible Faces in the Solids which cause troubles afterwards when exporting IFC etc. Does someone know what could be the Problem here? I am sure that the sat Files are fine, I opened them in multiple software to try them and also when I re-export the sat Geometry from Dynamo it is a nice and closed Solid again.
I also tried the “Standard” Import Instance by Geometry nodes, always same results with invisible surfaces.

Usually this is a result of SAT files which aren’t actually fine, and are deformed slightly. We would need an example sat to help find a way around.

Hello Jacob, attached you will find these 2 examples.

Thanks in advance

Example 1.sat (237.7 KB)
Example 2.sat (118.6 KB)