Sastrugi Audit Dyn file not working in Dynamo 2.02

The node Audit Dyn file from Sastrugi Package is not working in Dynamo 2.02.
The listflatten is not working in the code block in the file (needs to be change to: DSCore.List.Flatten([item]);). But that is not the main reason that the node is not working correctly.

Thank-you for the input @Nico_Stegeman :+1:

I have not had a chance to migrate my nodes yet as I am still working on one more release for 1.3.4 (very soon :grinning:)

I will add your notes to my checklist for my first 2.0 release (hopefully before the middle of the year) as work is really busy at the moment.

The reviewing the JSON structure of the new dyns will be interesting when I revise this node. :thinking:

— I will post back here when i have updated the package —


@Ewan_Opie, have you had a chance to update the Audit DYN file for Dynamo 2.x? It seems like a really powerful tool to track nodes and packages, but unfortunately it isn’t working on my end. I tried opening up the .dyn to troubleshoot, but I can’t tell how it’s trying to parse the given .dyn file.

Thank you!

Which version of Dynamo are you using? As there have been several developments in identifying graph construction since I first built the node. Here are a few options, but if you are looking for some specific information to be exported let me know and I can see what can be done.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I am currently using Dynamo 2.3.0 and am already using Monocle to list the packages used within the current graph. But ideally I would like to be able to point to a separate .dyn file and have it export a list of all unique nodes used in the workspace, and which packages they come from. It looked like your node had that functionality, but it doesn’t appear to be finding anything when parsing through the .dyn files.