File Dynamo - From version 0.8.2 to 0.9.0

Hello everyone,

I have installed Dynamo 0.9.0
Why if I open a file created with previous versions often does not work?
DYNAMO files can be converted from an earlier version to the current one?

Thanks a lot.

I have had this happen as well. If you copy it all into a custom node. Save it and open in 0.9.0 it will usually open. From there you can copy/paste it all back out.

Hi guys, what do you mean by “doesn’t work” does it just sit and never finish loading?

Won’t load any of the nodes and says home as the title of the dyn

John - if you haven’t already can you please provide a .dyn that this happens on the github or link me to that issue?

do you recall if you’ve seen this with larger graphs?

Sorry for my bad English, thank you for the answers. John I tried your procedure but nothing has changed. I will try to explain my problem. With the new Dynamo version (0.9.0) I Can open files created and saved with version 0.8.2 but Dynamo crash when I run the script. Thanks again for the help.

Hi Daniele - sorry you’re having trouble, please post the file and describe the exact steps as close as you can. If you post to our github issues page instead of here: you’ll get faster feedback, the stack trace is very important, when dynamo crashes it throws up a dark grey window with a bunch of text in it - thats the stack trace and would be very useful.

Thank you Michael, and forgive me if I used this forum incorrectly. But now I realized that the problem is Surface.Byloft and Form.ByLoftCrossSection node.