Same view on different sheets

I’m trying to place the same plan view on different sheets. I got an error because I can’t re-use the same viewID in multiple sheets.
Which is the easiest way to avoid this problem? How i can duplicate views and assign them in the same order as the one in my view list?

In the example below the lists 1 and 3 (that represent views that will put respectively on sheet 1 and 3) contain the same view.


Hi @gianluca.pilati47QJ3

Yes you need to duplicate view. There are many example graphs on forum how to duplicate views, you could use forum search to find.

Thanks @Kulkul. My problem is to re assign the duplicate ones in the same order as the one shown my initial list.
Imagine a list with hundreds of views. For example the views in position 3, 36 and 84 appear three times each.

How can I substitute them with their respective duplicates, maintaining the initial views order?

You can save yourself all the hassle, and use @Thomas_Mahon 's BimorphNodes ‘Sheet.Duplicate’ Node. It gives you ability to duplicate views also.

And here is another thread that might help you:

Picture below shows what I’m trying to do:

Check for duplicates in the list on the left and substitute, maintaining them in the same order, with duplicated element contained in the list on the right (sublists of duplicated views, called with same names except of the first digit 0-1-2-3).
If we have just one duplicate -> substitute view 0… (on the left) with view 1… (on the right)
if we have a second duplicate: substitute view 0… (on the left) with view 2… (on the right) etc.