Sheet duplicator with views


I have a script to duplicate sheets with views, it works the first time good. But If I want to duplicate the same sheet again, it doesn’t duplicate the views anymore, because they already exist then in Revit. What must I change to get everytime new names for the views? As sample the first time I run the script I get: DUP 1 first floor, DUP 2 first floor, DUP 3 first floor. That’s good, that’s what I want, but if I run the script again, I want to get DUP 4 first floor and so further. But instead of that the script begins with counting at DUP 1 again, this view already exists in revit and that’s why it won’t make new views. How can I solve this problem? I can’t attach the script, because I’m new here.

Sheet Duplicator test.dyn (27.6 KB)
Now I can attach the script

Everytime you run the script it will start from 1 because it makes a list from 1 till amount of rows in excel. it has no connection to sheets in Revit.

Here an example:


This way you can solve your problem.