RVT20_Placing Centered Views on Sheets

By the way, here is the Excel file that I use in my script:
SHEET CREATION LIST test.xlsx (13.1 KB)

You must spell the names of the levels, scope boxes, etc. exactly in the excel file for the script to work properly. The data in the excel sheet must match the names of the level elements that you create in the revit file.

Also, I’ve noticed that the script must be closed and reopened every time it is run, or it won’t work properly. I don’t know why, but if the script fails due to a spelling error in the excel data (or something like that), you must correct the excel file, undo the changes in revit, close the dynamo graph, then reopen and run it again.

Hope you can understand the graph. It is not very well documented so that others can understand it.