Dynamo script having errors for placing a view into sheets

Hi all,

I am having so many errors in this dynamo script for placing views into sheets. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me in resolving these errors.

Thanks in advance

We can’t help you if you don’t show us the data and what the errors are. Post an image of the whole graph using Export Workspace as Image in the top right corner of the Dynamo window. Make sure you’re zoomed in close enough that the node titles are visible and that you have all the node preview bubbles pinned so we can see the data in your graph.

sorry, i tried before it didn’t work but, this time i think i did.
let me know if this works.

If you hover over a node you’ll get a little dropdown that shows the node contents. Pin all of those preview bubbles so we can see what your graph is dealing with. Otherwise we have no idea what’s actually going on behind the scenes.

got it thanks.

There are a couple issues here but the main one is you don’t have any sheets in the project. That’ll have to be fixed before you can do anything. Also, it would be best to get rid of the long list of nulls that you get from the elements (can’t tell if they’re sheets or plans) that don’t have a match.

Thank you for reviewing my script. But, this script should generate sheets in model as well. For list of nulls, you mean delete extra views from model?

Again thanks.

You’re not creating any sheets though. You don’t have all the inputs for the Sheets.Create node. That’s why the output is a function. You’ll need provide all the inputs required in order to create the sheets. Then you’ll want to use a Transaction node after the sheets to make sure they’re committed to Revit before you do anything with them.

hmm… kind of make sense. let me try this and see if that solve all error.

Thank you so much

any idea why these value for index is " -1"?

Means there’s no match. Can’t tell you any more without context, but I’d guess it’s a list structure issue if those values do exist in your list.

this is part of this script only.

The image is a little hard to read but it looks correct to me. You just need to get rid of the non-matches (-1) so you don’t have nulls. The other option is to use FilterByBoolMask instead.