Run multiple dynamo scripts in order

I want to combine multiple dynamo scripts in order to get one single function in Revit.
In Dynamo I created seven scripts, but when i paste those scripts in one single script, only the first script will run.
Hopefully someone can help me with a package or something like that.

Hi Loek,

  • Did you try using windows task scheduler?

I dont know windows task scheduler…
The Dynamo scripts we integrate in Revit using Dyno, so for every script, we can create a button in Revit.
Thats why i want to combine multiple scripts

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Thanx for your reply Konrad,
I am not familiar with the Revit API or Python writing, so i think Grimshaw is not the solution for me.
I am looking for a package where you can combine multiple actions like this:

This feature will be added in future releases


I know this post was a ling time ago, but I was looking for the same thing recently and found Clockworks PassThrough node.

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I have read that thread and I think I want something like this: Run multiple dynamo scripts in order

Does anyone know hos this works??

Hi @Kulkul can you please tell me how we can run our multiple scripts on a single Revit model using windows task scheduler ?

It will be very helpful