Running multiple scripts in sequence


Got a general question for you - is it possible to run a number of scripts in a pre-defined sequence?

For example - export data to excel with some alterations => import it back into revit => assign colors based on the imported values.

I am looking to achieve this with the least amount of mouse clicks. Right now I have to open and close three separate script files in order, or risk errors by having it all in one window and disconnecting scripts that aren’t used at the moment.

I also notice that dynamo has a tab panel, yet it doesn’t allow me to open more than one script at a time. Is there a reason fort this?

Hi Dmitrijs,

Yes it is possible watch this video

1 Like I use Dyno frequently.

It is able to execute multiple Dynamo scripts from ONE panel without opening Dynamo at all.

Note: I also think it rebuilds the nodes on every execution (if you do a “rescan”), but I’m not certain. This is VERY helpful in situations where Dynamo may not re-evaluate a Node (e.g. “Get all views”), which will leave you with out-dated/incomplete results.

Learn how to make a “.dpr” in simple JSON (it lets you feed input values to Nodes in Dynamo without opening the script itself). Let me know if you need any additional help or guidance on its Use.


P.S. That video was really cool, I would like to learn more about how it was done. Any information?

Doesn’t help. That video looks as if it was recorded with a Nokia.

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@kiknchikn2060 - That video was recorded with Camtasia. Maybe time for new glasses? :wink:
You can find more information here:

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Thank you for the reply. You might want to check the capture resolution. That video is blurry on a 42" LCD TV. This still doesn’t produce the results I was hoping for. I wish there was a “repeater” type of node that would allow you to set-up multiple scripts in a sequence of operations. Still new to dynamo so there could be one hidden somewhere.

he Guys, I have the same question as the topic, how to run multiple script on the same Revit project. Is this also possible with dynamo automation? I’ve downloaded the files form github and looked around a bit. All the examples are about processing multiple Revit files and not scripts…

summary: I have one Revit project for wich I wan’t to run 15 Dynamo scripts in order.


@Daniel_Heijting - In theory it is possible, but DynamoAutomation wasn’t really designed for that. Currently, it would mean creating a very long master graph that would have to restart Revit for every script you want to run on a model (plus, you’d have to save the model at the end of each script).
However, since the package is based on Revit journals it should be possible to add a new node that would keep the model open and just repeatedly launch the Dynamo addin with a different script. I have added this to the backlog:

Not sure when I’ll find the time to look into this, though.
Also, I know that this kind of functionality has also been requested for Dynamo Player, e.g. run an entire folder of scripts on a model in sequence.


something I’ve been wanting to build for a while is a zero touch library that can be used to create new Dynamo instances… kind of like a reflection library or a meta library, @Andrew_Heumann has built MetaHopper for grasshopper, which I believe lets you do some similar stuff to what I am thinking.

The DynamoCLI would let you do this with some scripting, but not for revit.

To be able to run multiple graphs using Dynamo as the interface I think a library for actually creating new dynamo instances without a UI is the way to go… or request updates to the Dynamo Player for Revit. @Bzz

Thanx @Andreas_Dieckmann, I also think that in time the Dynamo player is the solution. I’ll keep track if you can beat Autodesk in this, in making an awsum script again.

Thank you @Daniel_Heijting , @Andreas_Dieckmann You can also post this request on Revit Ideas Dynamo Player ; it will help us prioritize it better depending on the number of votes.

@Andreas_Dieckmann What am I missing? The script opens Revit, but then it just sits there. I had to modify your example to fit my needs. Basically, the script runs one slave script rather than 2 and it doesn’t place the family in a project.


BTW, your youtube video is crystal clear now. Now sure why it was so blurry before

Hello Dieckmann, I have followed your DynamoAutomation for weeks. I think it is a really great improvement for Dynamo. Do you think DynamoAutomation can be used to batch modify Revit models’ parameters? I only found “read” from Revit models rather than “change” in samples. I also noticed the “change” is applied to Revit family, can it work for Revit models?

@kailun.feng Have a look at sample “A1 alternate”. It’s using a slave graph that changes the Revit model.

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@Andreas_Dieckmann Thank you so much. Your suggestion help me a lot!