Sequence of dynamo scripts

I would like to organise and run a sequence of scrips in one click. I have tried DynamoPlayer and Dyno but could not find a way to do it. Is it possible to run a sequence with any other plugin? I have been looking at other topics here at the forum, but they were quite old so maybe there have been some development since then :slight_smile: If anyone have some ideas I am more than interested!

See this maybe:

Ah, that seems cool. But I have 40 scripts, and if I would merge them the final script would be massive. I would like to start the scripts without opening dynamo, and in one click start a sequence. For example: I click on a header “script 1-5” and then script 1 starts. When that is finished script 2 starts and so on.

I would think of a Passthrough or WaitFor node, but it’s hard to tell what’s appropriate without any illustration…

This is what I want to achieve :slight_smile:


I tries Dyno plugin. I managed to organise my scripts, but I would like to run all my scrips under each header in one click, in a sequence. By clicking on L01-L03 header I want to start L01, when that one is finished I want to start L02 automatically… and so on

Could these posts be of any use?

have read that thread and I think I want something like this: Run multiple dynamo scripts in order

Does anyone know hos this works??

No need to insist this way, this forum is a community where everyone is invited to make efforts to enrich the common knowledge. Please try to see what you can find using Google, the post you keep on referring to has some useful keywords that can help to find related threads, for instance:


See if you can get your current scripts to work as a single node (this isn’t always as easy as it sounds with large complex graphs). If they all work independently as single nodes then you should be able to string them together in a graph.

Wow, thanks a lot! I will definitely read this :smiley:

It is quite possible to move graph one into graph two intograph 3. And actually very easy if you use node to code functions. Give it a shot. At the Beyond AEC hackathon we assembled like 12 graphs into one at the end by just copy pasting code block functions and minimal custom nodes.

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