Run Dynamo script on multiple Revit files

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to run a Dynamo script on multiple Revit files by giving file paths ?

Hi @Zaara-786

In short it is possible. There are custom nodes from Rhythm “Document.BackgroundOpen” and Clockwork packages “Document.Save” that would get you started. Cheers!

Thank you for the reply @Kulkul,

I already tried these nodes. But in my scipt I edit some parameters and it does not work with these nodes. I can only read the file.

@Zaara-786 Please show us complete screenshot of your graph with errors expanded.

You can see here the error message.

@Zaara-786 Are you looking for something like this?

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Yeees exactly @Kulkul ! That’s what I am trying to do for dayss !

How did you manage to write the python script ? I don’t really know how to write in Pyhton :s

Can’t see you reply. I am also trying to run a script on multiple revit files. Please help @Kulkul @Zaara-786