Connecting two dynamo scripts


Good thing about automating revit is it saves time, but also we ended up having 20 scripts. Some of the scripts are ran in series manually to get the output. (Eg: Adding Parameters, Writing values to those parameters, exporting the schedules as views)

Is there a way to run couple of dynamo scripts in series? Is it even possible?


Best way i know of would be to use the dynamo player :slight_smile:


I would second @Jonathan.Olesen in using the Dynamo Player. The other solution would be to combine some of the scripts to reduce the number needed to run.

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Both the response of @Jonathan.Olesen and @SeanP, but I recommend also adding a UI via the Datashapes package so that if someone ‘cancels’ part way through execution you don’t get 10,000 messed up results added to the graph.

The other option is utilizing Dynamo for Automation by @Andreas_Dieckmann. Info is here: