Export schedule from multiple revit files

Hi community,

I want to export multiple schedule from multiple revit files.

what I have achieved (thanks to all the experts!! I just combine the existing workflow found here)

  • I can export multiple schedules within the same revit file
  • I can background open other revit files, and I can find the schedule I want to export

what I cant do

  • the schedule.getdata node from bimorghnode package said this node can only get data from an active document.

what I want to ask

  • So I guess open from background does not mean an active document?
  • Is there a way I can change active document in dynamo? (I dont think so, please correct me if I am wrong)
  • is there any package can do this job? get the schedule data from an inactive document…
  • Is there anything I can do without going to dynamo sandbox? If I have to, can anyone share with me some python code to start? I know nothing about python.

Thank you!

I think what you want is the Revit Batch Processor. What this allows you to do is select multiple Revit files and run the same Dynamo script on them. It automatically opens the Revit file, runs the Dynamo script, closes the file and moves on to the next one. Really good stuff!

Hi Johanboo,

Thank you for your reply!

I have read Revit Batch Processor (RBP) documentation on github. It looks like a small window application to batch process? (Please forgive me, I have very limited programming/IT/developer knowledge…)

What I want to do is to extract some information from multiple revit files, I think the logic is like that:

  1. open a revit file
  2. run dynamo dyn file
  3. close the revit file

In the Revit Batch Processor, I know I have two files need to provide. One is the dynamo dyn, one is the location of revit file.

Do I need to include step1(open revit file) and 3(close revit file) in my dynamo file ? Or it has been set up in the processer already?

Except the documentation on github, is there any other learning tutorials?

Thank you very much

Revit Batch processor does the opening and closing of the Revit file for you. No need to incorporate that in your scripts.

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Hi Jonanboo,

Thank you for your reply! I have tried using Revit batch processor, it worked!

May I check is there a way to skip the save reminder from Revit?

So batch processor opens one of the Revit files, it runs the script, and before it closes to move to the next file, it asks: " do you want to save changes to the XXX.rvt?"

Do you know how can I set Yes/No or just skip this? application.closedocument from rhythm package won’t work for me cause I never open anything in the background.

Thank you very much!