Select by Family Facing Orientation

Hi all,

In our office depending on which way a door is oriented the door tag is either horizontal or vertical. The idea for the script is simple, use FamilyInstance.FacingOrientation, if Vector values for Y = 0 use horizontal tag, if Vector values for X = 0 use vertical tag. The trouble is I don’t understand how to extract the values from the list to separate horizontal and vertical oriented doors.

New to Dynamo, I realize I didn’t get very far with this script….

Any help is much appreciated!


Dynamo File.dyn (2.6 KB)

Why not just select the family parameter that tells it to Align with Element and then it will always be parallel to the door?

I’ve never seen the parameter you mention, so I’m not sure what you mean. You can’t load a door tag into a door family to align it with the door, nor do door tags have an align to element parameter. Could you clarify?