Rotate view after crop error


I made this Graph to create Views from Groups.
I use a Family in the Group to filter and get ‘the rotation’
I use the method from this topic to rotate my View. But when i try to rotate AFTER cropping it does not work, but when i crop
after the Views are made and BEFORE cropping it works, but my Crop Region is angled then which i don’t want. Thoughts? Or maybe a different approach? Any help is appreciated.

PS I tried the Pass Through node, but that didn’t help.

Doesn’t work

Works, but with angled Crop Region which i don’t want / need

ViewByGroupAndCrop4.dyn (82.2 KB)

Ok, i have a better understanding for whats going on.
Basicly i want the Crop Region to be rotated but as far as i know it
can’t be in the same ‘Transaction’.
Or in other words i can’t create /change /set the Crop and rotate it in the same time (Graph).

So my solution for now is ‘storing’ the angle i want the View to rotate in a parameter when
creating the View. With a different script i will rotate the View using the value ‘stored’ in
that parameter.