Crop View Parameter

I’m having a problem with perspective views created from Dynamo - they all have the “Crop View” parameter disabled, and off. I’ve seen this mentioned in a couple of discussions, but haven’t seen any solutions.

I would sum-up here all related threads so that we can quickly check what has been said about it. Then, if nothing works, opening an issue on Github could be the last option (if it has not been done already):

It seems the view crop isn’t allowed to toggle in perspective views. If you can’t do it in Revit, Dynamo won’t be any help. Try using a section box instead.

If I generate a perspective view manually, it’s “Crop View” parameter is greyed out, but checked. Generated from Dynamo, it’s greyed out, but unchecked.

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I do remember running into this a while ago. You could try looking into the API and see if there are additional options that you could use in a python block. But if you’re just wanting to crop your view I’d still suggest a section box instead.