Rotate points

Hi everyone!



I can’t rotate points with the “transform rotate” node.



Here are two screenshots to show you the problem.



  1. I apply the transform xyz node to the centers of ellipses, I see the axis on the floor moving but nothing happen to the points and then to the ellipses.


  1. I put directly the transform rotate node as center of ellipses, the ellipses rotate but stay on the xy plane.


Where is my mistake?



thanks you!








The easiest thing to do with your definitioni is, instead of rotating the point, you need to rotate the curve.

The more efficient thing you can do is apply a vertical transform and rotation to a single ellipse, rather than creating a bunch of ellipses and rotating them

I’ve run through this example a bunch of times but I cant get rid of the original ellipses.

Can anyone tell me want I’ve missed.