Rotate a point sequence over multiple angles

I have a question with regard to the geometry.rotate node. I have a sequence of points (let’s say, 10 equally spaced points with a step of 1), and a would like to rotate this sequence multiple times around the same origin. how can i do this?

when I use a sequence containing the angles for rotation, each point of the geometry point sequence is rotated with a different angle, instead of rotating all the points multiple times. Can anyone tell me what is a good way to do this?


Thanks in advance!example

Something like this? Remember to set lacing options in the Geom.Rotate node to cross product.


Hello Jesse Mom,

Thanks Jostein Olsen for your feedback.

But we have a direct node to create same structure. You can use node Point.ByCylindricalCoordinates to create same structure with more flexibility. (see attached Image)

Keep using Dynamo, we are happy to help you.




KnipselThanks for your feedback, both of you! I have another problem. the end purpose is in the image. i have this array of points that i would like to place along a curve. I did this using two steps. First, I rotated the array around a single origin, by providing a list with angles for rotation. (this resulted in the highlighted points) then I moved these rotated arrays to the points on the superellips curve. My problem is that I don’t want to see the highlighted points anymore. However, using this work sequence, generation of these points is necessary.

Any tips for solving this problem? I can think of a number of things, but don’t know how to accomplish them. (1) deleting the points after the have been used, (2) Using XYZ’s instead of points as input for the rotate node.

I Hope there is a bright mind out there that can help me with this.

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Turn of the preview in the array node

Thanks! That was easy, haha

Hello Jesse Mom,

After understanding what you want to achieve, I thought the below workflow much useful and easy to handle.

So just sharing my way of creating the same output as yours. (I just used Simple Ellipse, but you can use any curve shape.)




Thanks Ritesh!

I was unable to accomplish this with Reduce() but I know it’s possible. If someone has time I would love to see an example of this.

Reduce() aggregates the results of a function upon a list, passing the result of the function back into the input, so you could take the output rotated geometry and push it back into the rotation function and then continue rotating it sequentially. The problem I found was that the reductor() needs to take 2 parameters. hmm

Hi everyones, I’m new year but I swear that you can help me.

I’ve to rotate this structure made by points and lines araound the same point (origin) to made something like a dome.

I don’t know how can I do because using the rotation node i can only rotate one point or line in the same time and do the rotation operation for all this element is something problematic.

please help me^^