Rotate Family around Y Axis

Hi, I made a script that creates a surface and populates that surface with families,
Well, these families are roof panels, but I cant Rotate them to align with the roof slope.
See the image:

Any idea? I made a python script to try to force and rotate the panel but Revit blocks me from doing so.
I changed the family to be a workplace base family, but the field is grayed out and I can’t choose a work plane for those.

Please HELP! :smiley:

Can you place those families on an angle like that manually? (Check if always vertical is forced)

After that I think you’d need to define a host to make it happen - Something like family instance by point on face perhaps.

Hi Jacob, I can’t do it manually either. They are not vertical only. The problem with the family instance by point on face is that I don’t have a face, and I have already tried with a surface, it needs a Revit face.

As a update I have found a way. First I will create a plane based on the surface I want, after that I will set that plane as a reference plane and activate it. After that I will insert the families with the node mentioned by Jacob.

Thanks @JacobSmall

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Glad you worked this out. Would be nice to have the dyn for others to reference as well. :slight_smile:

Populate roof Panels with rotate.dyn (165.3 KB)

Here you go. Have in mind that this function is only part of this script. The solution is on the python node linked to the creation of the plane.


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