Rotate Family instance in X or Y direction

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I am trying to place inline pump on the floor through dynamo.
I did the following, but unable to do. I know, there is something that I am missing because this may be very common in use.

  1. I used FamilyInstance.ByPoint Node and then try to rotate it, but it is rotating only about the Z-Axis.
  2. I used FamilyInstance.Byface by making foundation (cuboid) as face and surface normal as a reference direction, but Error (family placement type is not work placed based ) is showing.

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@vipinkr Show your complete graph with all the previews on.

@vipinkr use FamilyInstance.SetRotation node after Family.InstanceByPoint node to rotate.

I Think that is rotating about Z-Axis not about the X or Y axis

Have a look on the attached file, it is rotating about the Z-Axis, But not about the X or Y-Axis.

@vipinkr Could you drop here rfa?

M_Inline Pump - Circulator.rfa (556 KB) Dear Kulkul, please find the attachment.

Hi every one ! Please help me.@kulkul

replace the “Vector.YAxis” with “Vector.XAxis” or “Vector.ZAxis” if you want to rotate it on a different axis

Hi vipinkr
you cant attain proper rotation of family element until you set the centro-id as location point.Hence try changing the location point as centro-id and then use rotate family node from Archilab package.
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Selection of pump4.dyn (41.2 KB) Why the Null is resulting?

@dineshsubramani Thankyou for your reply sir. I am selecting the pump form the family type. after selection I want to rotate it in x y or z direction as per project specific requirement. but I am not able to get the result I am attaching the file detail. Please help me to to the rotation of the family
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Selection of pump4.dyn (41.2 KB)

@vipinkr Try this script below it works (but i have done for a single element here try it for multiple elements)

Rotate element.dyn (8.7 KB)
hope you understand the concept what am trying to explain

Thanks to all. specially @dineshsubramani, @yamanyildirim & @Kulkul . Now I am able to select &

rotate the family.

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