Rotate Element (archilab) doesnt work

Hello everyone!
Rotate Element from archilab seems not working in Revit 2020, Dynamo 2.1.0. But it worked well in Revit 2018.

I searched and found another node for this, it seems working, but it rotates around some far away axis, not the one that I chose.

But I decided to make topic about node from archilab, because its popular and well known and also it seems to be working to lots of people.
Here is an example. Element is Red, axis is green.

I also tried to provide XVector or YVector nodes to the axis, but nothing happened.
The result is always null, and no warnings or errors are returned.
And here is the code inside the node (just in case).

Please tell me what I am doing wrong? :sweat:

Use the Element Set Rotation of geniusLoci package.

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I dont see the axis input in this. I need to be able to rotate element in different directions.

You want ?

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which Pacakage use for Element.rotate.


I download DynaMEP pacakge version 1.2.5. but that node not available.

Try reinstall it


Thank you for this, I tried it, but no matter what axis I put in “Exit” it always rotates around Z axis. So that doesnt help me.

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I also unchecked “Always vertical” box in family. Tried other solutions from the forum based on python script. Also tried these nodes.
I editted one of them to be able to put in line (not vector).
(At least they are rotating around some far away axis. But not the axis i pick (as line). And still code is fine. I just cant get it. It seems like the problem is in Revit.