Rotation of an object

rotation of an object around its support point by an angle
Does not work??

You need to differentiate between Dynamo geometry and Revit elements. What you are trying to rotate are Revit elements, try one of these nodes:

Thanks for collaboration
I have to rotate a revit family
relative to its origin point

even the archi -lab node does not work

@alex_volt Please post a small sample file.
FamilyInstance.SetRotation will rotate a family instance about the origin of the instance (The origin being the intersection of the reference grids in the family file)


Hi Alex,
It will be better if you can drop screenshot of your complete graph showing error message. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for collaboration
@Vikram … The knot works perfectly … wrong data
@ Kulkul I have not used the lab arches node

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I have a problem, I do not understand the warning

. Warning: FamilyInstance.SetRotation expects argument type(s) (FamilyInstance, double), but was called with (Revit.Elements.StructuralFraming, int).

@Delinear Use SetParameter node with Cross-Section Rotation as parameter to rotate structural framings.