Rooms to Mass

Hi! I’ll start off with the classic “this is my first post, and I am very new to Dynamo” (only been using it for about a week), so that you know where I am coming from with this question.

What I am trying to do:
We were given a giant spreadsheet of rooms and room information along with corresponding CAD plans, and rather than manual create a Revit model from scratch I used macros to create walls from these plans (could probably have done this in Dynamo but I already knew the macro process). Anyway, we want to create conceptual space planning diagrams from this model.
So I want to take the rooms that have been placed and extract their volumes to create colored masses corresponding to their room type (Room Category Code).

My issues:
A.) I was able to generate the masses, however, running dynamo also causes an orange colored mass to appear in other views from the one I am bringing the multi-color masses into.

B.) I created parameters to which each created mass can be named according to the room Name and Number they represent. However, when i select a mass, it indicates a different room name and number from what it actually should be. My guess is that im missing a step in Dynamo that would keep the lists organized.

C.) Finally, and this may be a Revit only question, the generated masses are transparent. Any guesses on how to show them as solid?

Sorry for the novel. Hope this makes sense and someone can help with a fix.

The "orange’ display is your Revit background preview under settings.

To “bake” the elements in Revit. Use Direct Shape, Springs.FamilyInstanceByGeometry or import instance and color with materials.


okay so for…

A) go to preview tab > background 3d preview > Available preview > tick Revit Background Preview off
B) Check this
Rooms to mass.dyn (69.5 KB)

C) Assign a material in that same node to get rid of the transparency issue


Fantastic! Thank you both!

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Follow up to this question:

Is there a way to select what colors a mass receives, rather than allowing dynamo to pick a color from the color range?

I made this script trying to pull colors from a revit color fill legend, but I am missing a connection somewhere I think.

Any ideas?

Sorry, that image was not the best, heres a close up of the second group

Hi Chris,

Did you manage to solve this? I can’t figure out a way…



This is how I would do it, using group by key… In this instance I have used a property of the cuboid (origin z parameters) but you could pull room names or something else.

I’m not sure how to use the match key values, perhaps someone else can explain.


Hope that helps,


DID any genius Solve this one already!! We are so near??

Whar problems have you faced, ??