Place windows doors in walls

Hi everyone

This might be a stupid question, but does anyone know how this node works?

For example, what type of nodes can be connected to walls input? We already know that a wall is the host. And is there a node that can be connected to the window/door type input?

My goal is to place many windows and doors at the same time in different walls. I don’t know if it’s the correct node.

Using an AutoCad drawing that has been imported into Revit. With mouse clicks, place windows and doors in Revit model.


I already have this code and it works perfectly. I can choose where on the wall I want the Window or the Door. But the problem is with this one is that it takes longer time in Dynamo that in Revit. You might as well choose a window in Revit and place it on the wall. And also, you need to create a new group like that for each window and wall.
So, I wonder if there is a faster way to place windows and walls? Maybe with the node place windows doors in walls.

The graph you show in your second post is slower than doing it manually because you’re doing it as a one off. The dynamo graph could place a million windows of a million types in a million walls in a shockingly quick timeframe. Utilize lists and lacing and this will become very apparent very quickly. Check the lists section of the primer and the Revit connection section as well for more info.

Ok thank you. But will it still be able to put the windows with mouse clicks? And instead of one, many windows would be put?