Room re-numbering using Excel - changes in return of Level name value

<span lang=“EN-US”>Hello,</span>

<span lang=“EN-US”>I have been trying to renumber rooms through Excel using this tutorial: </span><span lang=“EN-US”></span>

<span lang=“EN-US”>The workflow in general works fine, however the list of Level name values changes ramdomly between the names “Plan 0” and “Level(Name=Plan 0, Elevation=0)”. </span>

<span lang=“EN-US”>Has anyone come across this before, and knows why it is ramdomly changing the name og Levels?</span>

<span lang=“EN-US”>Thanks in advance.</span>

<span lang=“EN-US”> </span>

<span lang=“EN-US”>PS. I have tried the same with the Lunchbox Room Element Collector which works fine, however is not including Comments as a parameter. </span>



Level names is a well known “bug” or “issue” depending on your point of view.

Is there any reason that you cannot use Lunchbox in combination with an Element.GetParameterValueByName for Comments?

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the reply.

The lunchbox-solution in combination with Element.GetParameterValueByName for Comments works fine. I was just wondering why it randomly changes between the two names and if it had something to do with either the project Im working on or the script.