Change element level

Hi group!
I am working on a script to synchronize the level of some elements with a level list from a spreadsheet. I thought that changing the level of an element was as simple as change its Level parameter value, but unfortunately it does not work.
Does anybody has managed to change the level of any element using any node that i do not know?
Thanks in advance!


Currently you are feeding it name (String) that parameter requires an actual element.

Use get level by name from Konrad.


Hi Chema,

Have a look at this topic

You can refer to Dimitar’s workflow. That might help you.


thanks so much for your help.

I am getting a weird error… the level list is obtained as strinf from a spreadsheet from another model, (of course the level names is the same in both models).


Hello everybody!!

Finally using the node “List.Map” my probem has been solved!!!

Thanks for your imputs!

Hi Chema! How did you use “List.Map” to solve your problem? Were you able to use all the levels from your “string” list? If you can share how it worked for you, it will help me immensely. Thank you in advance!


I used the “Get level by Name” Node as the function and the list of levels (string) as the list…it works…

Now I need to find out how to create multiple floors with multiple levels…seems like the “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” only likes 1 level at a time.

Chema/Luigi-Care to share a graph showing how to use the Get Level by Name node? I’m getting the same error Chema got “Name doesn’t match any levels in the project. Pick a different one”.