Asign room name and room number to interior elevations "view name" based on what room they're in


I’m trying to rename Interior elevation-views by room name and room number by wich room the elevation marker is in. I dont know how to add a suffix that seperates equal names since i’m getting the message “The name entered is already in use. Enter a unique name.”. I have four views in each room. thanks’s in advance.

This is the view names before i run the script

This is what it looks like when i’ve ran the script

I have no idea why the marked elevation gets that name since its a building elevation.

The script

As i’ve continued to test different solutions i’ve come to realize that there’s more than one problem with this script. for example it dosn’t seem to only get the interior elevations.


As you say, your initial filter does filter the interior elevation. As the data is coming from your out port i assume all the returns into your list were false? So none contained the word interior?

Additionally, what are you trying to achieve? Applying the name to “Title On Sheet” will allow for duplicate names? Whereas View names will not, both processes you are attempting.

Finally, how are you trying to assign the correct Room Number to right elevation name? As in, what is the relationship between the two lists?




Goal: To rename my elevations after what room they’re in with both the room name and room number.

To begin with, I’ve realized that I dont want to add anything to the “Title on Sheet”-parameter so i deleted that part.

Second, I have understood that I Need to find a connection between the specific room and view (maybe coordinates)… I just don’t know how.

this is how it looks at the moment:

Try looking at Element.Location node for the elevations, and the Point.IsInsideRoom node to test and see what room it resides in?

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Another way to do this would be to get any room tags /rooms in the views and harvest the info from there.

Is element.location+ from clockwork the right node or do i need another package?

pardon my ignorance :man_facepalming:

You probably need the Elevation Markers to get a location from them. But yes, this node should do the trick once you get them

Thank you for the help but I can’t get it to work. I guess I bit of more than I could chew :wink: