Levels and GetParameterValueByName



I’m very new to Dynamo and trying to create something that will extract room parameters and export to excel. LunchBox’s Room Element Collector gave me some of what I wanted, but for Level and Perimeter I had to use Element.GetParameterValueByName (I had trouble with LunchBox Get Parameter Value).

The problem is that this lists the level Element IDs rather than level Names. How do I get the names? (See attached)









I imagine there is a simple way to replace the IDs with Names based on list position, but couldn’t find the node or figure out the code. Thank you in advance.

Once again Andreas does not fail to deliver. If you get his package of custom nodes “Clockwork for Dynamo” from the package manager, you will find a node called Element.Level. You can use it to get the names as strings like so:

2014-12-11_114054 The node works on elements other than rooms as well.

That did it! Thank you and Thanks Andreas.