Room area value dosen't refresh in automatic mode


can someone plese tell me whit the value of the “area” of the rooms dosen’t automatically update when i move a boundry wall in plan while having the “automatico mode” on?

i need it to automatically refresh becouse i use it for the verification of the aerial/natural lighting standard minimum so i have to change the area of rooms moving walls to match the minimum value.

Dynamo only executes nodes with updated inputs in order to save on memory and execution time. With your current setup, everything originates with the room list. Changing a wall doesn’t change anything about the room list, so all of the trailing nodes have no updates to execute as well.

You can force your nodes to update by providing an input that changes with your wall adjustments - even if that input does nothing. For example, you could get the wall geometry of your model (which would update with wall changes) and plug that into a codeblock or wait node before getting All Elements of Category.

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I was able to test it with a demo project and I didn’t get any problem when I changed the boundary of room. The new area appeared automatically. I tried with Categories node and Select Model Element node. Can you share which version of Dynamo you are using? Here a short video: 23.04.2024_17.26.51_REC

I suggest you to double check some basic issues:

  1. You are looking at the correct room data in Dynamo
  2. Your errors are not preventing the auto mode to work correctly.

i have deleted al the warnings but still dosen’t refresh the area value automatically when moving walls.

i also have tried in a new dynamo file to remake the simple script that you @emrullah.yildiz showed me:


and in works! but when i remake the same nodes in my script it dosen’t work… maybe the problem is the “weight” of the script??

i leave here attached the dyn file of the script