Wall element collector - not updating


I’m a very new Dynamo user trying to create a definition which automates the creation of Area Boundary lines based on chosen wall types etc. The definition is very work in progress at the moment and I’ve managed to get the basics working using Lunchbox Wall Element Collector.

Unfortunately the Wall Element Collector node doesn’t seem to dynamically update when walls are moved in Revit. If you move a wall and press run, it does not update and if you toggle false/true then it draws a new set of Area Boundary Lines leaving the old ones is place.

Can anyone shed some light on this…and also maybe give some advice on a simpler way to do this.

Area plans and boundary lines drive me mad so any automation will make my life better!

Wall Element Collector


Hi Peter,

Did you try running your workflow in Automatic mode.




Setting it to Automatic still doesn’t work…