How does Dynamo recompute Revit changes


I have some simple scripts which modify revit elements, namely renumbering doors based on room numbers. It works fine. But once you modify the room number directly in Revit, it doesn’t matter if Dynamo is set to automatic or manual, the door numbering doesn’t update. The only way I have found for Dynamo to recompute the Revit information is to re-wire it up or close and reopen Dynamo. This is obviously painful.

So my question is this - how and when does Dynamo read Revit information? Does this happen to all scripts or only those ones with Python nodes? It seems others have experienced the same issue:



Hi Paul,

It works fine for me see below screen video.

This issue has been reported and discussed here ( Need a setting for custom nodes to force execution on re-run )

There is a setting that indicates which nodes are scheduled for execution.

While not a solution to your problem, it might help.

It’s the Python nodes that you have to FORCE to refresh. It’s been an issue for a while. I don’t see how you can’t just add a simple Boolean Toggle somewhere at the beginning of your definition and that will force everything downstream to refresh.

Thanks guys. I’ve added in a Boolean toggle as suggested. Its not perfect but it will do until the Dynamo team can fix it.