Room area computation by walls

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I dont know anything about Dynamo, but I’d like know if its possible change room area computation by walls. For example, one type of wall his limit is by internal face, another wall your limit is by center, etc.
I would create a project parameter for diferentiate these walls.


Hi @luis.asantos and welcome, not sure what you are really after, the computation is set through the Room Area Computation settings as general settings, not by instance or by type.
If you want to get the Location Line parameter of a wall element, Element.GetParameterValueByName node can do it

Hi Luis,
Revit does not allow the room calculation to be set per wall. It’s set per project.
Can you explain the use case so we can better help you?

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your anwsers!

My client needs visualize the area of projects in plan view and section view. The problem: sometimes boundary limits are in face walls, sometimes center walls, etc.

When I use room tool, i need choise one option only. When I use area tool I have a free drawing, but I cant see the areas in section view.

In attachment, Cad drawing.

Any ideias?


This would mean setting all walls not room bounding and draw room seperation for the entire project…

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Can confirm Daniel’s comment that typical industry practice is to use separators. I’d suggest using areas and area separator lines however, this way you can still have a set of rooms bound by walls. Dynamo and addins developed by some firms out there focus on updating related rooms/areas that are effectively the same, or auto generating the area lines based on space types (e.g. interstitial walls are appartment // apartment, whilst corridor // apartment is different. From the sides and spaces detected along a wall, its separator location can be deduced), but cleanup is always needed around junctions.

I’d suggest beginning with manual area plans and beginning to think of how you might go about automating its creation based on above ideas. Be mindful it’s not a simple task nor is it beginner friendly. I tend to try to do a task first in Revit before automating it, as usually if Revit prevents a manual solution working this is often a sign it isn’t automate-able as is either. Dynamo can bend Revit, but can’t typically break it.

Thanks Daniel and Gavin,

I tried these methods:

Rooms - selected all walls and uncheck wall separate rooms, but when I use separators, Revit alert is showed, because the separator is aligned with the wall. I can continue, but each separator aligned with a wall showed a new alert.

Areas - The better solution, but is a “plan solution”. this method not showed in section view.

Does exist any plugin for this?

Thanks for attention!

Not that I am aware of in the public domain, probably plenty of private initiatives at firms (e.g. when I worked at HDR they had something for areas from rooms with separator positioning - I wasn’t a programmer at the time so it was all wizardry to me).

Unfortunately if you need 3D volume you only have a few options. Maybe consider making a design option which primarily is off, but secondarily is made of roofs to the height of their level or balcony in their type properties to block out the areas. I have a tutorial where I use floors to similar effect, see below. You might want to create/demolish them on a preliminary phase as well to avoid the warnings that would ensue.

Unfortunately beyond that there isn’t really a tool Revit offers for this approach.

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for your answer! I will try to do this.

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