External walls selection

HI everyone, I’m quite new to Dynamo and I really need help with this one.
I need dynamo to calculate all the external walls surface areas and then do the same for the internal walls. I used clockwork and can get the total surface area for all type of walls but thats not quite what I need. any and all help is appreciated

Hello…here you will need to sort your walls…I assume you have a type parameter with function…is that the case something here should work…good luck


Or, make a perimeter wall or Room separation around the compound and make a room called outside in between. That way you can get the outside wall even if no parameter value has been set. Use the Room boundaries node to get the outside walls.

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thank you for your respond. I’m sorry I don’t quite understand the solution. Does this allow me to sort external walls from the others? if so how can I link this to the area calculations?

Hello…In that case i had set a==0 means filterbyboolmask gives interior walls in in and out gives the rest…
if you change it to 1 it will give exterior from here is just connect it to the rest of you graph in your case to elementmaterial… hope it make sense…good luck