Custom nodes not loading


Hello there, I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I’m having trouble loading a custom node. I created a custom node from a selection of a fairly large and complex set of nodes. When I close and re-open Dynamo I get the error that the “Custom node definition is not loaded!”. To make sure that it wasn’t an issue with the server or file location, I made another custom node from a much simpler selection of nodes and saved it in the same location -this one works. Also, I cannot edit the custom node with the error.


Since the error seems to have something to do with the content of the node, are there certain types of nodes that people have had trouble with incorporating into custom nodes? The custom node with the error also has quite a few embedded python scripts. Has anyone had similar issues / can offer some explanation?





For me, the code block node usually turn red if there are syntax errors (like missing semi colons or parentheses).

Could be a similar issue with custom nodes.


Hi Jared,

It seems that your custom node is missing try pasting your custom node in this location C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.9\packages\package name\dyf\

Hope it helps!



Thanks for the replies.

I’ve saved the file to that location, as well as a number of other locations to test if that was the issue. It’s the same location as my other custom nodes that are working- so I can only conclude it has something to do with the content of the node. Everything works fine before I package it, so I can’t imagine there are any syntax errors that would be causing this. Any other ideas?


What is the error message your getting?


“Custom node definition is not loaded!”


I suppose this suggestion is redundant as you’ve already confirmed above that you’ve checked file locations.

But wanted to point out that as your node isn’t part of a package, the node (.dyf) should be at the following location (and not in the packages folder)



Yea, that’s what I had assumed kulkul meant.